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Recreational Insurance

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Why let a mishap put an end to your recreational fun when you can have reliable coverage to take care of the worst case scenario? The fun must go on!

Ah, there is nothing quite like hitting the open road (or open sea)! Every individual needs that one hobby that takes him or her away from the stresses and worries of life. For some, this may mean baking or reading a good book. For others, this may mean adrenaline-pumping activities such as boating and motorcycling. Whatever you do for recreation, we are sure it is great therapy, not to mention a good time!

Now, stop and think for a second: what would happen if the one activity you enjoy actually takes a turn for the worst? What if your motorcycle is stolen? What if your boat is involved in a collision? Imagine: the one activity you do to de-stress is suddenly causing more stress than ever. At Insurance Partners Group, we don’t want this to happen to you. This is where our recreational insurance comes into play.

Recreational insurance can be designed to cover a variety of activities. Our Ohio agency can provide you with coverage options such as:

  • Motorcycle insurance
  • Recreational vehicle insurance
  • Watercraft insurance
  • And much more!

Whether you are involved in an accident or are being held liable for something you did or did not do, recreational insurance will kick in and help pick up the pieces. The last thing you need is your favorite stress-reliever to be taken away from you!

To learn more about what recreational insurance can provide for you, contact our agency by calling 888.509.1730 or simply fill out the free quote form on this page. At Insurance Partners Group, we are dedicated to making sure the Ohio community is properly insured in all areas of life, fun and games included.

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